Review Drama

Dear Author

Folks, the drama involving book reviews has reared it’s ugly head — AGAIN!

Today, I found this post, “Affaire de Coeur’s Reviews Under Scrutiny,” on Dear Author. Allegations have surfaced that favorable book reviews from Affair de Couer are predicated on advertisement purchased by the publisher and in some instances, the author. And it ain’t a Black thing, either. Romantic Times got slammed, too.

Whether the allegations involving ADC and RT are true or not, is not my beef with the entire review process. When will everybody finally understand the true purpose of reviews and the role of reviewers? You don’t buy good reviews, you earn them!! How? By writing the best doggone story possible. And you don’t get mad with a reviewer and pout if you receive a less than favorable review from them. Reviews are ONE, let me repeat, ONE person’s opinion.

A couple of months ago, I referenced some other issues relative to reviews in my monthly post on Blogging In Black. Granted, I’ve only been in the literary arena for a short time, but I swear I learn something new everyday.

Someone help me out, please. Am I out the box on this one??

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!!