The Relationship Between Authors and Libraries

In my March 16, 2009 post on, I addressed the utilization of libraries by authors. Of course, the placement of their titles in libraries is just one benefit. In order to better understand the other opportunities libraries can offer authors, I spoke with Marlive Harris.

marlive Many of us know Marlive as one of the best on-line promoters in the literary industry through her company, The However, Marlive began her career as a librarian. During a recent interview, Marlive shared some great opportunities authors can take advantage of with libraries in their local community. Whether you are an aspiring author or a seasoned veteran, once an author becomes a visible entity with one library, word will quickly spread to surrounding libraries.

• Become familiar with all of the libraries in your local area and pay them a visit. It’s amazing how authors want recognition from readers across the country, but they are virtually unknown to the audience in their own back yard and local communities! Be sure to you provide the librarian with a press kit and offer free books

• Participate in summer reading programs. Librarians actively seek authors, particularly those who write in the Young Adult genre to assist with this program. This is a excellent way for authors in this genre to become acquainted with their target audience

• If you’re a children’s writer, offer to be a reader for the children’s story time hour

• Consider doing workshops on the craft of writing, how to find an agent, or tips for aspiring authors

• Inquire if the library has a writer’s group that meets on-site. Again, this is a perfect opportunity for author’s to connect with their target audience

• Connect with Friends of the Library or similar non-profit groups

• If you’ve established a relationship with a local book club, asked the members to contact the library and request for your book to be stocked

Finally, Marlive shared four aspects an author must have to be successful:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Imagination
  4. Lots of Information

Many thanks, Marlive for your insight. And authors, if you haven’t done so already, build a relationship with your local library. It could prove to be advantageous to your career! is a leading online reading and book promotion community for readers and writers of all ages. Our reading communities for adults and children collectively consist of author interviews, book reviews, reading guides, book club listings, and interactive elements such as author podcasts, blogs, email discussion lists, online book chats and virtual book parties. Our web publicity service designs online book campaigns tailored to fit an author’s special interests, talents, books, and readership.

Until next time – stay well and be blessed,