The Power of Social Networking

Here’s another example of the power of social networking.

Last summer, I connected with a reader on Shelfari by the name of LaTessa Montgomery. Not only did I discover another romance-a-holic who shares the same passion I have for the romance genre, I also learned she was one of my Sorors (Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc.) as well as a senior reviewer for Romance in Color. We continued to stay in touch and in May of 2008, met each other in person at the Romance Slam Jam conference in Chicago.

Romance In Color featuring LaConnie Taylor-Jones
Rising Star – LaConnie Taylor-Jones at!

Since that time, we’ve stayed in touched via blogging and several social networks. Last week, I had the wonderful pleasure of being one of the featured authors at Romance in Color. This would not have been possible without us connecting on a social network. Thanks, LaTessa for a wonderful interview!

The power of social networking can’t be emphasized enough. Every author should be engaged in some form of social networking, whether they have an upcoming title release or not. If an author is serious about their career, then they understand the importance of viewing it as a business, and every successful business engages in some form of networking. A recent post by Marion Freijsen and Adrie Reinders entitled, Making Social Networking Matter (Authors @ Mashable),” underscores the importance of social networking for authors, perfectly.

Network, network, network!! You never know how that chance meeting with a literary colleague will benefit you down the road.

Until next time – stay well and be blessed.