Renaissance Women Virtual Tour – Day Nine

Pledging ON and IN Purpose!

I have been a Delta for seventeen years. I remember watching the women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated on the campus of Florida State University. They were intelligent, they were involved in every facet of the University and they appeared to really be united. I remember saying, “I want to be a part of that organization!” I was a senior when my heart’s desire was manifested. I was one of the oldest members on my line, “Dawn of a Crimson Revolution!” Many people didn’t think a senior would be chosen for the line. They thought it would be too late for me. However, a Delta woman possesses certain qualities and characteristics that draw her to Delta…and Delta to her!

When people ask me why I chose to pledge, I respond that I pledged ON and IN Purpose! I know today we call it membership intake, but seventeen years ago, I think the term pledge said a mouth full!

I pledged to commit myself to a life time of community service. I pledged to embrace a wonderful sisterhood of women around the world. I pledged to uphold the ideals and values of this sisterhood. I pledged to seek justice for all people. I pledged to be a woman of great character and integrity. I pledged to use my gifts and talents for the betterment of mankind. I pledged ON purpose!

Today, I am walking IN purpose as our founders intended for all of our sorors to do. I SERVE as a Senior Attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families. As the founder and CEO of EHAP Inc, a professional and personal development company, I have the honor of speaking around the world. I continuously pray for God to order my steps. I ask Him on a daily basis, where would He have me to go? Who would HE have me to meet? What would He have me to say? I want to know how He would have me to make a difference. In other words, I am asking Him, how can I serve? It is amazing to see how PURPOSE will connect you to your destiny.

Our sisterhood was founded ON and IN Purpose! So my question to you is did you pledge ON and IN Purpose? I know we are quick to put on paraphernalia. I know we have the tags on our car. I know we are quick to oop-oop when we see another soror, but I have a different set of criteria for our membership in Delta. Are you doing something you love to do that happens to pay you a check? This is what others would call a “job”…but Deltas would call “service.” Are you able to impact others in a way that when you leave the room, they know you have been there…and want you to come back. Some would say there is something special about you…but Deltas would call it “favor!” Are you a woman on the go? Some would call this “busy”…but Deltas would call it “blessed!” Are you a woman who has grown through life’s challenges? Some would say you were lucky. Deltas would say, “We are more than conquerors!” Do you care deeply about the volunteer work you do for various organizations? Some would say you were “involved”, but Deltas would call it “passion!”

Do you have confidence in who you are? Do you know where you are going? Do you have faith that can move mountains? Are you surrounded by talented women who believe that the way God works miracles is through humans who give of themselves freely? If so, then you are a woman of purpose and power! The twenty-two women who founded our sisterhood were powerful women full of purpose and passion about serving others. So when we embraced their ideals we decided that we were pledging ON and IN purpose! As we celebrate our founders…I want to encourage you to continue to pursue your passion and walk in your purpose…after all, it’s our legacy!

Soror Veraunda I. Jackson, Esquire


Veraunda I. JacksonVeraunda I. Jackson is an attorney, author and international speaker. Witnessing first hand that people are overwhelmed, frustrated, and struggling for personal fulfillment, Veraunda realized it was time to bring her inspiring and creatively empowering messages to a wider audience by penning “Everything Has a Price,” the title of her debut motivational novel. She lives by the motto, “if you have the strength to survive, you have the power to succeed.” She has proven this time and again throughout her personal and professional journey as a former Assistant State Attorney. In her second book, Veraunda makes another resounding statement, “You don’t have to settle!”

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About the Book
Everythinbg Has A Price by Veraunda JacksonIn her debut writing, Veraunda takes you on an intriguing journey that challenges you to find your true success in life by using this simply formula: Figure out where you are and how you got there. Decide where you would like to be and what you have to do to get there and Understand that “Everything has a price!” The question is: are you willing to pay for it?

Do you have a vision for your life? Is it a vision that could totally change your life if you had enough faith and courage to pursue your passion? Are you afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Would you stop settling? Join Veraunda in an enlightening conversation as she shares how you can tap into your unlimited possibilities!




Frederica Chase DoddFrederica Chase Dodd – was born in Dallas, Texas and was the first Sergeant-at-Arms of the Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. After graduating from Howard University, she took on a brief career as a teacher. In 1926, she helped to create the graduate chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Dallas, which became the first Greek letter organization in the city. In later years, she helped establish a YWCA for Black women in Dallas, Texas, and was Director of Emergency Relief Station for Blacks in her hometown.