Renaissance Women Virtual Tour – Day Ten

My Sisters I cannot think of a better way to tell my sisters how much I appreciate them today. Because without a word they have read my mind, and helped me to discover that which I could not find. They provided silent support when a hug was all I needed and treated me like a winner when I felt quite defeated. They stood with me both when I soared and fell to my face. My sisters always held me up high and told me it was my place. But I’m not the only life my sisters continue to touch. Through their compassion, fortitude, and strength, the do so much. Dedicated to public service and meeting the needs of others, they seek justice, provide education, promote the arts, and are great mothers. And before I bring this poem to an end, I must thank each for being our loyal friend. With purity of heart and honesty of character, My sisters have made our lives at least a little better. So, I count my blessings for my sisters everyday. I count my blessings, because they are Delta women all the way. Published in Delta Girls Stories of Sisterhood©

Sisterly, Soror Linda Everett Moye’, JD


Linda Everett MoyéSince 1990, Linda has owned and operated a successful small press publishing company, LEJ Poetic Expressions. She authored and published four books of poetry: From A Delta’s Heart, The Courage to Say It, Imagine This… and Where Spirits Dance. In February 2009, she published her debut novel, The Pledge – Life Is Eternal and So Is Love, a soul mate, love story. As the managing editor and publisher of the book, Delta Girls Stories of Sisterhood, she published the personal stories of sisterhood written by thirty-nine members of her sorority. A contributing poet in the book, Violets, Linda also has a recipe included in the cookbook, Occasions to Savor, and a short story published in the premiere issue of Afra Victoria Magazine. Currently writing her second novel, The Pharaoh’s Queen, a love story and historical fiction, Linda continues to develop her skills as a creative writer and dynamic communicator. With a BS Degree in Psychology from Virginia State University and a Law Degree from St. Mary’s University, she has an extensive career as a professional in human resources and as an adjunct college professor. Visit Linda online: Website: Facebook:

About The Pledge

The Pledge by  Linda Everett MoyéThis modern-day, soul mate love story began in ancient Egypt during the Sixth Dynasty. In the first story (to be published in the book, The Pharaoh’s Queen), Pharaoh Teti and Nadjet-M-Pet (Teet), fall deeply in love. Later, while on her deathbed, they pledge their eternal love to one another. Committed to their belief that their spirits will survive death, they agree to search for each other and love again and again, throughout eternity.

The Pledge is set in San Antonio, Texas and opens in September 2002. Teti and Teet are Tom and Tish, the principal characters of the book. From their points of view, the reader feels their uncanny physical reactions when they first meet and shares the emotional affinity as their life energies recognize the reunion. As the story unfolds, Tom and Tish experience identical dreams; vignettes of events from past lives that offer clues to who they once were. As they struggle to find logical answers to ancient messages, they live everyday lives as recently divorced adults. They meet, fall in love, and again have their happiness interrupted by forces still determined to keep them apart.


Myra Davis Hemmings – hailed from Gonzales, Texas and was once the president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She later became the first president of Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. In her daily life, Ms. Hemmings continued to be a role model with her involvement in the Alpha Phi Literary Society and as an active member of the NAACP and the National Council of Negro Women. She was also a charter member of the San Antonio (TX) Alumnae Chapter and co-chair of Delta Sigma Theta’s Golden Anniversary Celebration.


Myra Davis Hemmings
Myra Davis Hemmings

(In memory of Myra Davis Hemmings)

I am not your little girl Nor am I your niece. I wasn’t one of the students You were known to teach. Because you never met me You will never know my name. Yet, I’m you Delta legacy So we are in many ways the same. I’ve learned so much about you I want to draw you near. I wish I could talk with you like I do with my Delta Dear. Your memory is held fondly By those who knew you well, I listen with complete attention – They have so much to tell. A great woman you were, A role model for all ages. You helped to make Delta Sigma Theta Withstand time’s many stages. Many years ago you had A dynamic dream to fulfill. With 21 awesome women The plan you drafted became real. Although we’ll never meet and You’ll never know my name, Your life has impacted upon mine… I hope that in many ways we will become the same.

Reprinted with permission from the book, From A Delta’s Heart By Linda Everett Moyé