Renaissance Women Virtual Tour – Day Eighteen

Answering the Call

As a little girl I would watch in awe as my mother dressed for the annual Delta Ball. Beautiful she was. I could not wait to grow up so that I could be a Delta, get dressed up, and wear a fabulous red evening gown.

During my teenage years in the 70’s, seeing the positive response and respect that the community had for what was to be my sorority, I began asking my mother questions about what she, my aunt, and that group of women did and why they sometimes called each other soror. She told me how twenty-two women in 1913, college students at Howard University, felt the call of sisterhood and came together to form Delta Sigma Theta sorority. This organization was dedicated to making a difference for African-American women, bringing rebirth to the pride of being a woman of color. So no longer did I think that being a Delta was just about wearing a red evening gown.

There was a call to sisterhood to bring about change and make a difference, to be a Renaissance woman. When my mother became president of her local chapter, I was able to see first hand what it really meant to be a Delta. The dedication my mother had to the causes the sorority supported in the community moved me to a new level of understanding. Here on earth God made us keepers of each other and responsible for seeing to humanitarian needs. By the time I was pinned by my mother, I was more than just a legacy – I had joined a force of women in a position to bring about change and new birth. I too was a Renaissance woman.

Twenty-five years later I pinned my own daughter, another one to carry the torch for the next generation of our family answering the call. For the fourteen women forming the “Crimson Tide” of our family, we are more than legacy. For three generations we have been true to the call to serve our communities, to bring about social change, and stand at the forefront of issues for the betterment of our nation. It is that energy that makes me proud to wear crimson and crème. No longer is it just about an evening gown.

Soror JA Adams


About the author

JA AdamsJA Adams, author of three psychological suspense novels, uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence in hopes of saving other young women by letting them know they too can move from victim to survivor. Along with extensive experience working with victims of violence in a therapeutic setting, her writings allude to healing the spirit and soul of victims. Experience include, therapeutic counselor for child victims of violence, court advocate for victims of domestic violence and violent crimes, Child Protective Service investigator, Training Coordinator for Educare Training Institute writing curriculum for educators working with traumatized children.

In 1995 she traveled with the Institute to Oklahoma City to provide assistance to educators in working with traumatized children and their families following the aftermath of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. In addition she has served as Executive Director of two nonprofit child intervention programs, and director of her church’s youth ministry. Presently, in addition to her writing, she volunteers with the Ortralla Mosley Foundation promoting awareness on teen dating violence. And the most important thing she is proof one can find love again after trauma.

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About the book

Unfinished BusinessWhen murder, jealousy and revenge come together, there is always unfinished business. Jimmy Dupree is back with vengeance having carefully plotted the punishment for the family he thinks made him loose everything. Family secrets unfold as the Darhling family wake up to their worst nightmare.




Florence Letcher TomsFlorence Letcher Toms – a native of Washington, D.C. was presented her diploma and scholarship by William Howard Taft upon graduating from Howard University. Active in many civil rights organizations, Ms. Toms presented First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to an audience of parents at her church. Later in life, she became a member of the Board of Directors of the Family Welfare Association and the Federation of Parent Teachers Associations. As her accomplishments grew, and so did her hobbies. Ms. Toms collected elephants, which has become a hobby to Delta’s all over the world.