My New Year’s Resolution

New Year 2010 SignpostOkay, I realize I’m twenty-one days early, but it’s never too early for this topic to come up on the radar screen. Think about it, at the start of each New Year, we sit down with pencil and paper in front of us, gung ho to come up with a laundry list of resolutions. Oftentimes, before the thirty-one days in the month of January are over, our resolutions are forgotten and blowing two winds south of the Bermuda Triangle.

Well, my New Year’s resolution is not to come up with any resolutions especially when it some to my career as an author. Time out for the meaningless promises to writing X number of pages a day or Y number of chapters per week. Authors, it’s time for us to get serious, if we’re going to sustain our careers. The launch parties are over. The giddiness that bubbled inside of us when we held our debut novels in our hands for the first time is gone. We’ve made too many investments and sacrifices to get to where we are to turn back now.

So, this year instead of writing resolutions, I’ve opted to set writing goals. I discovered ‘SMART’, a goal setting technique in my profession a few years back. I plan to implement it to achieve my literary goals.

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

Now tell me, what are your literary goals for the New Year?

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!