The Romance in You

If a Gallup Poll was conducted today and people were asked to define the term romance, an overwhelming percentage would say it’s the collection of love stories, the genre. Although the term has several meanings, there’s one other definition I’d like to put on the table—the spirit of adventure.

Aaah…the spirit of adventure! Are you ignoring the still, soft voice of your inner spirits? You know the one, the voice that begs and challenges you to escape the comfort zone you’re in and strive for higher ground. None of else, and especially authors should ever permit the walls of complacency to close in around them.

Perhaps you’re at a crossroad in life, contemplating a new path. Even though circumstances are aligning in perfect sync in order to go in that new direction, you fail to seize the opportunity. Why?

I don’t believe any industry is as daunting as the world of publishing. Every day, authors are faced with decisions ranging from penning in a different genre to changing agents or publishing houses. Instead of embracing modification, they hide behind the shield of same-old, same-old. Why?

Maybe, just maybe the ability to embrace our romance, the spirit of adventure is because we fear change.

Let’s face it people, change is the most difficult concept for human beings to accept. It’s even more difficult for writers. Whether the reluctance to engage in our romance is due to procrastination, lack of effort, or fear of the unknown, those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities just might pass us by. Then we’re left to ponder the proverbial, ‘what if’.

I’m not a ‘what if’ individual—never have been. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve delved into some romances in my lifetime that have straight up bombed! Rather than dwell on my lack of success, I focused on the lessons learned, the experience gained. There are some things in life only our romance can teach us.

What romance lies dormant inside of you?