From Bookshelves to the Big Screen

Have you ever wondered how a novel ends up on the big screen? Well, I asked myself this very question over the winter break when I took my daughter to see New Moon, the second book from the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.

It’s reported that half of the movies made in Hollywood are adaptations of stories written as novels, non-fiction books, comic books, short stories, plays and poems. So where do the powers-to-be in Hollywood find these books? They scan publisher’s listings looking for big, popular commercial books. Let me note here that self-published books or those published by smaller presses are less likely to be assessed for movie potential. Not impossible in these cases, just not highly probable.

So in the case of the Twilight Series, it’s fairly easy to see how it catapulted to the big screen. First published in 2006, New Moon quickly landed on the New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller’s lists. It also became the biggest selling children’s paperback book with over 5.3 million copies sold.

What books have you read lately that you’d love to see on the big screen??

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!