Why I Write Romance?

romanceMy response has been and will continue to be the same. Why not?!

I love romance! Plain and simple. Based on the 2006 report from Simba Information, revenue from romance fiction was estimated at 1.37 billion dollars. With the exception of religion/inspirational books, romance fiction outsold every market category with a whopping twenty-six percent. So, there are a lot of authors and readers who love my addiction to the genre, too.

Romance first captivated my attention when I was a junior in college. The year was 1979. My college roommate introduced me to the world of romance when she handed me a tattered copy of The Flame in the Flower by the late Kathleen Woodiwiss. Instead of studying for an organic chemistry mid-term the next day, I spent the entire night reading one of the greatest romance novels of all times. And just in case you’re wondering, about that exam, wonder no more. Yep, I flunked big time. Overnight, I’d transformed into a hopeless, never to recover, romance-a-holic. I didn’t know it then, but that one night, twenty five years ago, would eventually land me on the road to publication.

Becoming a writer was never something I was particularly interested in or even considered doing. Honestly, I was content being an avid reader. It was the challenge from my late husband in the spring of 2003 that made me seriously consider penning my first romance novel.

One night, I was in bed reading a romance, but I simply couldn’t get into the story. It was well past midnight and I guess I’d whined and moaned enough. Hubby turned to me and said, “Baby, if you can write a better book, do it. Now turn out the lights, please.” At first, I thought this man was crazy. Well, truth be told, I thought he was funky, crazy insane. Although I was a fairly decent technical writer in my profession as a public health educator, fiction writing was a different monster all together. Eventually, I honored his request, but not before a zany cast of characters settled in my head, and wrapped around my heart. They’d later become known in the literary world as the Baptiste Family.

Three months later, the timing was right and something amazing happened. My enthusiasm for teaching health, social responsibility and social justice over the years sparked a multitude of story lines. What if. . . Since I didn’t have anything to lose, I took my husband up on his challenge and rolled the dice.

Four years later, the gamble paid off with the release of my debut novel, When I With You,  followed six months later with my sophomore release, When a Man Loves a Woman. On March 4th, I’ll celebrate the release of my third fill-length single title, If I Were Your Woman.

It ain’t been easy, but it’s been worth it!!

Until next time- stay well and be blessed.