Welcome A Hopeful Romantic

A Hopeful RomanticGot a passion for all things romantic? Then I’d invite you to stop by A Hopeful Romantic where the results of my personality test for all things sexy and romance are revealed! This site is not only beautiful, but it is filled with romantic books, movies, music, ideas to plan a romantic getaway, a special night at home, or be reminded of why there’s nothing better than love.

You are in for a treat today because Renee Williams, the editor of this wonderful site, allows you to get to know the romantic side of LaConnie Taylor-Jones in a fun way! But before you head over to the site to check out my fun feature for today, I want to tell you more about Renee and why A Hopeful Romantic exist today!

Why did you decide to dedicate your site to the romance genre?
Plain and simple, I love romance 😀 I was born in the month of love (February) and my birthday is only 10 days before Valentine’s Day. Even though my parents didn’t have the ideal marriage, I have several sets of aunts and uncles who portray true love all the time, no matter what. As a kid, I remember watching them hold hands, and just enjoy being with their spouse. That touched a chord even me even then and as I’ve gotten older, it’s only gotten deeper and deeper. I like that “tingly” sensation you get when you are in love. And if I can help spread love, then all is good! 😉

Who, if anyone, influenced your decision to launch your site?
No one in particular influenced my decision. I think I was watching a movie and the idea came to me.

What can romance readers expect to see when they visit your site?
Articles about love, books about love, the ultimate love songs, romantic movie clips. If it has to do with love, it’s there.

What is the most rewarding thing you’ve experience since launching your site?
The most rewarding experience was the Endless Love blog tour, which featured 14 romance authors. It was so-o-o-o great to read their personal stories and then to hear from the readers who came in and shared theirs….all I can say is WOW!!!! I could actually feel the love in each post. The most popular day was the day LaConnie was the featured author. That was an emotional day, but so full of love. I was brought to tears several times that day. I was brought to tears quite a few times throughout the whole tour. It was a wonderful experience and one I plan to do again real soon.

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