Advertising with Romance Reader at Heart

I’m trying something different this year with the promotion of my new release, IF I WERE YOUR WOMAN. I’ve added banner advertising to my promotion efforts to get the word out about my new book.

If I Were Your Woman Banner Ad


Well, banner ads can be an effective way to market products and services on the Internet. But more importantly, I’m learning that where those ads appear online makes all the difference in this process. The ideal location for my e-book banner ad is for it to be displayed on a website or online community that has great traffic (of course) and has products and services that compliment what I’m promoting as well. So, I’m advertising my new release at Romance Reader at Heart in a variety of areas suitable to my book’s plot and format:

Contemporary /Suspense Romances
African American

Romance Reader at HeartRomance Reader at Heart is a romance novel resource from A to Z! What do I mean? Well, this site is not only dedicated to providing romance lovers book synopses and the authors you love along with their back lists (all broken down by subgenre). But they also provide timelines and information about the fashions, and a glossary of terms and some trivia for those eras and places readers love to envision in their reading. You’ll find links to some of the best sources on the web to locate additional information on cultures and history which make romance reading enjoyable for those who love the genre.

Am I Seeing Results?

You bet! Since I’ve added banner advertising to all my other promotion efforts, I’ve seen a steady rise in the number of “views per day” to my site (not to mention that I’m steadily climbing Red Rose Publishing’s Bestsellers list). So stop by to see my beautiful animated banner ad at today!