Can You Remember?

kissNow that you’re in a wonderfully, blissful relationship with that special person, sit back and . . .

Can you remember your first intimate connection—the first kiss?

Was it gentle, yet seductive? Or was it greedy and explosive? With the characters in my novels, I pay particular attention to their first kiss. In the case of Raphael Baptiste and Laney Houston, the characters in my new release, If I Were Your Woman, I was very meticulous when I wrote the scene for their first kiss. The setting was private, just before dawn, and the chemistry between them was like a lightening rod.

But there’s more to a relationship than a kiss. Raphael and Laney are attracted to the favorable facets of each other’s persona. Relax for a moment and remember the attributes which attracted you to the love in your life. Can you remember? Was it their strong work ethic, their education, or the authority they possess to confidentially confront a dilemma?

We all know the way a person kisses or their personality is not all that’s needed to sustain a relationship. Can you remember the things that keep the spice in your relationship? Perhaps it’s the simple things, which fans the flames like receiving a text message or a quick phone just to say I love you. Aaah those subtle gestures can be explosive!!

So the next time images of the person you love filters through your mind, I trust you’ll remember how very bless you are to have them in your life.