Testicular Cancer: Treatment

Since his diagnosis, Raphael had read everything he could get his hands on relative to testicular cancer. It was a complicated disease to say the least. If he could have reached his own behind, he’d have kicked it for waiting as long as he did to seek treatment. Maybe if he had done so earlier, the disease would’ve been detected at a much earlier stage. – If I Were Your Woman, Page 49

Although, Raphael Baptiste, the leading male character in my latest novel, If I Were Your Woman underwent an orchiectomy after receiving his diagnosis of testicular cancer, because his lymph nodes were seven and a half centimeters, he underwent chemotherapy and afterwards, a RPLND.

Treatment of Testicular Cancer

There are several ways to treat testicular cancer once it is initially diagnosed. The most common way starts with an orchiectomy, which is the surgical procedure to remove the testicular mass. Once removed, the mass is sent to a pathologist to determine if it is indeed malignant and if so, the stage of the cancer. Other treatment options include: Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection, Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surveillance.

Men may experience a wide range of emotions after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, do not, and I repeat, do not let these emotions interfere with understanding and receiving appropriate treatment options. In addition to speaking with a health care provider, men should join a support group to discuss their feelings with others who’ve had similar feelings.

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