Dear Author Friday: So, When Will You Write So-In-So’s Story?

Dear Author Friday is a question and answer (Q & A)  series where I respond to readers and friends about my life as a contemporary romance writer.

Dear AuthorFirst, let’s define who “so-in-so” is.” These are the secondary characters (flat characters) in a fiction novel. Although these characters rarely undergo any substantial growth or change in the story, they do provide a supporting role to a story’s main characters.

Not ever secondary character I create will have their story. Remember, they were created to serve a particular purpose in a particular story. However, I’ll go so far as to allow my intuition to take over so the character speaks to me outside of the role they were originally created for. If the character shows me their strengths and weakness, what they fear and what event will spark them to rise up and fight like hell, then there’s a fair chance a story is on the horizon for them.

Victoria “Vic” Bennett and A.J. Baptiste are perfect examples of two secondary characters I introduced to readers in my debut novel, When I’m With You.  I’d become so closely connected to Vic and A.J.’s personalities, so mesmerized by their internal conflicts that it was effortless to create their story entitled, When A Man Loves A Woman. Vic and A.J.’s story turned out to be a powerful testament of perseverance and instills hope in the type of love every man and woman should be blessed to experience. If you haven’t read the book, I certainly hope you will!

For those readers who’ve followed my writing career, they’ve become intimately acquainted with the Baptiste Clan. As the saga of this family has progressed, many secondary characters have emerged. Two of my favorites are: Alex Robinson and Zachary “Zach” Tate. Many readers have threatened me with bodily harm if I don’t come up with a storyline for both of them. Only time will tell, so stay tune.

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!