Dear Author Friday: Do You Have a Special Time to Write?

Dear Author Friday is a question and answer (Q & A)  series where I respond to readers and friends about my life as a contemporary romance writer.

Dear Author

I absolutely have a special time to write. It’s when the duties of mother, maid, cook, chauffeur, doctor, business owner and referrer have ended.

Once I made the commitment to become a romance writer in the summer of 2003, I knew I had more than one story inside of me. And I didn’t want to be just another writer. I wanted to be a good writer. With all the responsibilities on my plate, then and now, I had to figure out when was the right time to get those stories from point A to point B. I soon discovered it wasn’t between the two hours after I’d made the cattle call to four kids that it’s time to get up while trying to whip out breakfast. There was too much hustle and bustle going on. How could I possibly write a scene when I was constantly going up and down the stairs to make certain the kids put on matching socks and cleaned underwear? Well, at least my thirty minute workout session is over. On my fifth trip downstairs, my ear drum feels like it will split in two as my oldest son tells me he can’t find the homework assignment he’d completed last night, which of course is due today! The pounding at my temples, indicating a headache is only moments away, stops me dead in my tracks.  “Do you remember where you put it?” I yell back, trying to understand his muffled explanation that’s drowned out from the water running at full blast from the showerhead. There’s graveyard silence for about fifteen minutes. Maybe… just maybe I can hammer out that scene that flashed through my head when I first woke up. I head straight to my home office and boot up my laptop. However, hope fades as I search for my stripped shirt and whistle and head back upstairs at the speed of light.  A fight just broke out between two kids, although I’m not sure which two, and I’ve got to switch gears from writer to referrer before they kill each other.


Aaah, peace and quiet!!  It’s eight-thirty and I’m home again after getting the kids off to school.  Settling at my desk, I roll up my sleeves and smile. Okay, here’s my writing plan for the day: write a couple of hours, dial into my eleven o’clock teleconference, then write another hour and a half before heading out the door to hear the two-thirty school bell, signaling the end of another school day. The insistent ringing of the phone pulls me back to reality. For the next hour I listen to one of my clients explain why they need to move up the deadline date of their project.  God, will the madness ever end??

Stumbling down the stairs, I grope in semi-darkness for my best friend, the coffeepot.  The illuminated numbers indicate one o’clock in the morning.

It’s  the right time for me to write.

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!