So You Want to Write Romance – The Step-by Step Process

Chapter One

Have you ever wondered what steps are involved to produce a romance novel? Well wonder no more! Click here and review author, Stephanie Bond’s step-by-step process on “The Making of a Romance Novel.”

However, before you can produce a romance novel, there are a few things you should know. First, the 2008 report from Simba Information reported that romance fiction generated a whopping 1.37 billion dollars in revenue despite the worst economic slid since the Great Depression and snagged the largest share of the consumer market. Why is this? Despite the cynicism of some for romance fiction, it has proven to be smart, fresh and diverse.

Secondly, you first need to know how to write a romance novel. “Know the romance market,” says Sheri McGregor, author of “Under One Roof.” Romance novels make up more than 50 percent of mass market fiction. “Read in the genre and find where you think your story ideas fit. Get the guidelines. Then write your story with the market in mind, without letting go of your story’s heart,” McGregor says.

1. Know the story you want to tell, and know your characters.
2. Join a writer’s critique group, either online or face-to-face.
3. Write, write and write more. Nothing helps more than practicing your craft.
4. Develop a thick skin. No one writes a masterpiece the first time.
5. Learn from criticism, but don’t lose the voice that makes your writing unique.
6. Read books about writing, such as Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird,” Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones,” or Evan Marshall’s “The Marshall Plan for Writing a
7. Study your market, and be prepared to write for a specific genre.
8. Become familiar with the publishers in your genre and sub-genre.
9. Join a romance writers’ club and attend writers’ conferences. Make sure to schmooze with agents at these conferences.
10. Submit your book to an agent to make the rounds of publishers.

Blessed is the author who continues to write despite the circumstances in their lives, for eventually their story will be published. Times are tough in the publishing industry? Write! Your personal life is going to hell faster than a jet? Write! You can’t find an agent? Write! Your manuscript is still orphaned? Write! Your book finally sold? Keep writing!

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!