My E-Book Conversion Fiasco

My Ebook Fiasco

Houston we have a problem!

Have you ever taken on a task and within a millisecond knew you were in over your head?

Well, I’m technologically challenged and not ashamed to admit it. This fact wasn’t really an issue until I tried to convert my manuscript, which was saved as a Word.doc into an e-book file. Of course what I didn’t know, but quickly found out is that different e-readers support different e-book formats. For instance, the e-book format for a Kindle is not the same as the e-book format for the NOOK. After spending hours trying to understand HTML verses EPUB, I throw my hands up in disgust. Yes, I felt lost, confused and totally exasperated with the e-book conversion process.

Am I the only one who’s gone through this?

Until next time – stay well and be blessed