Ready. Set. Go.

This isn’t the topic I’d intended to post today. However, when something comes along and validates the very essence of what you believe as an author, it has to be shared. That something is Stephanie Lauren’s keynote address delivered at the 2012 RWA Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful and long overdue chat with my author mentor, Beverly Jenkins. During our conversation, we discussed how the landscape of the publishing industry has changed. This change has not only impacted seasoned authors, but aspiring authors and authors who find themselves somewhere in between. Beverly went on to ask if I’d heard about the speech Stephanie Lauren gave at this year’s RWA Conference.

Now I must admit, I’d never heard of Stephanie Lauren, but from everything Beverly shared with me, I was eager to learn more. After our call, I searched the web and found the speech. Ms. Lauren was spot on! While she touched upon several issues relative to the off-line and on-line publishing industry in her keynote address, the most poignant take away for me was this:

“It’s the publishing industry – the transmittal process – that’s undergoing change, but the only point at which that affects an author is when she’s ready to hit the transmittal button and she has to decide which one to press – the send button on an email taking her manuscript to a publisher? Or does she spend time and prepare the work so she can hit the Publish button on KDP, PubIt, Kobo, Smashwords, etc, or the upload button to her website? That’s all that truly changes for us – the interface where we connect with the transmittal process.

For us, everything else remains the same. And our readers are in the mirror position. The only thing that changes for them is the method by which they access our stories. The way they read our words, the way they interact with and respond to our stories, changes not at all.”
Excerpt from Stephanie Lauren’s – 2012 RWA Keynote Address

Whether you’re an author with a hundred titles or ten to your credit, take Ms. Lauren’s words to heart. I’m willing to bet everything I’ve got that you’ll walk away uttering these three words, “Ready, set. . .go!”

Until next time – stay well and be blessed!