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  1. Meet Reader Reviewer Priscilla Johnson!

    Book Review

    Three years ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting veteran reviewer, Priscilla Johnson. Since then, our bond has strengthened and we’re as close as two blood sisters could ever be. So when she agreed to review my latest release, If I Your Woman, I was absolutely thrilled.

  2. Review Drama

    Dear Author

    Allegations have surfaced that favorable book reviews from Affair de Couer are predicated on advertisement purchased by the publisher and in some instances, the author. And it ain’t a Black thing, either. Romantic Times got slammed, too.

  3. VBT Day 18 – The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

    RAWSISTAZ Reveiwers

    It’s day 18 of my Virtual Book Tour and today’s stop is at RAWSISTAZ, one of, if not the first, on-line organizations specializing in reviewing and promoting African-American literature. Check out what RAW Reviewer, Alice Holman, thought about “When A Man Loves A Woman!”