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  1. READY, SET. . .GO!!

    Whether you’re an author with a hundred titles or ten to your credit, take Ms. Lauren’s RWA Keyword Address to heart. I’m willing to bet everything I’ve got that you’ll walk away uttering these three words, “Ready, set. . .go!”

  2. What’s A Diva?

    I’m blessed to be a part of a dynamic group of women who love to read. We come together to share six blissful days commonly referred to as Diva Daze. Our drama-free, leave-your-egos-at-the-door event is the perfect opportunity to relish good time, good food, good weather, good books, and not necessarily in that order.

  3. And the Answer Is . . .

    My last post ended with me sharing that I needed to decide whether I wanted to pursue the way forward as an Indie Author. And the answer is . . . I got my mojo back! I’m finally back on track with my writing and I’ve decided the best way forward for me is as — an Indie Author!

  4. The Way Forward . . .

    The Way Forward

    I knew the landscape of the publishing world had changed significantly since I entered the arena over six years ago. So the question I needed to answer was whether I wanted to pursue the way forward as an Indie Author.

  5. RWA and the African American Influence

    Romance Writers of American

    In the spring of 2003, I accepted a dare from my late husband to write a romance novel. I knew the romance industry from a reader’s perspective, but if I wanted successful at this venture, I needed to understand the industry from a writer’s perspective and research was the only way to do it.